Perlane  volumize & contour your look 

BEFORE                   AFTER

Perlane™, one of the most popular cosmetic dermal fillers, is injected under the skin to instantly restore your skin's volume & fullness, & smooth away facial wrinkles & folds. Perlane is comprised of a non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid gel that supplements the body's naturally produced supply. This gel resembles normal tissue when injected into the skin, allowing for natural-looking modeling & contouring when applied by well practiced injection artists like those employed at Radiance Medspa. 

Perlane utilizes larger molecules of the hyaluronic acid than some other dermal fillers making it an ideal product for correcting the volume loss in deep wrinkles, scars & creases like the your smile lines or parentheses around the mouth.  Injections of Perlane can also improve the contour of facial skin filling in depressions, eliminating wrinkles & augmenting areas of the face to enhance the overall appearance of the skin

With Perlane as with other Dermal Fillers you can achieve a fuller, more youthful look without the stitches, pain or downtime associated with plastic surgery.

Perlane typically lasts up to 6 months in most areas, including the lips, but in some cases has lasted up to 12 months.