GloTherapeutics revolutionize your skin

The glotherapeutics approach to skincare is a revolutionary breakthrough based on established research in combination with new scientific discoveries. glotherapeutics' unique & advanced formulations provide potent concentrations with high levels of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin & offer the ultimate in Revolutionizing Your Skin.
At the core of this brand is the gloComplex, consisting of spin trap, carnosine, amla & niacinamide. Infused into their formulations to further enhance product performance, this powerful blend accelerates results while preventing free radical damage, combating inflammation, supporting skin structure & revitalizing the skin.

glotherapeutics products are blended with superior & distinctive ingredients that are clinically correct, pharmaceutical-grade, & are free from dyes & parabens.


At Radiance Medspa, we carry the full line of glotherapeutics retail products.
gloClear Collection - For acne prone skin, this system treats breakouts & acne, controls oil production, unplugs the compaction, eliminates bacteria & reduces inflammation.
    - gloAcne Cleanser - treats & prevents breakouts while exfoliating the skin 
    - gloAnti-Blemish Cleanser - removes impurities & excess oil without drying
    - gloAnti-Blemish Treatment - destroys blemishes & prevents flare-ups

    - gloClear Complexion Pads - balances skin & prevents acne bacteria growth
    - gloHealing Gel -
reduces redness & irritation, encouraging healing
    - gloRefining Mask - clears breakouts, calms irritation & reduces pore size

gloConditioning Collection
 - For normal to dry skin, these products cleanse, soothe & moisturize skin, supporting & nourishing the skin on a daily basis.
    - gloConditioning Milk Cleanser - gently cleanses & moisturizes skin
    - gloConditioning Tonic - hydrates & soothes with balancing antioxidants
    - gloConditioning Hydration Cream - nourishes & strengthens dry, weak skin
    - gloConditioning Restorative Cream - softens, protects & repairs dry,
      stressed skin while enhancing skin's immune function
    - gloBarrier Balm - hydrates & improves integrity for extremely dry skin
    - gloConditioning Restorative Mask -
cools, strengthens & deeply hydrates
      skin to improve elasticity & overall health

gloPurifying Collection - For normal to oily skin, this system cleanses, balances, & lightly hydrates. 
    - gloPurifying Gel Cleanser - gently cleanses & regulates skin without drying
    - gloPurifying Tonic - antibacterial, antioxidant tonic that balances skin
    - gloPurifying Oil Control Emulsion - removes shine & maintains moisture

gloSpecialty - A collection of products that add healing & protective benefits to reach optimal results with your skincare regime.
    - gloCalming Seaweed Mask - antioxidant mask soothes, nourishes & purifies
    - gloPumpkin Enzyme Scrub - exfoliates, conditions & nourishes skin, adds
      strength & resiliance while maintaining skin's balance & moisture
    - gloBrightening Polish - resurfaces & brightens skin, reducing age spots,
      hyperpigmentation, sun damage, freckling & dullness
      (follow with gloBrightening Serum for the best results)
    - gloRefreshing Mist - hydrating spray moistens & soothes dry, irritated skin
    - gloProtecting SPF 30 - broad spectrum UV protection with moisturizers
    - gloSoothing Gel Mask - cooling mask repairs & calms sensitized skin
    - gloEye Restore - reduces fine lines & puffiness around the eyes & restores
      texture to the skin

gloSerums - Potent concentrates enriched with effective ingredients designed to create change in the appearance of the skin, enhancing, lightening, soothig & impeding the aging process.
    - gloPeptide + Defense - revives, rejuvenates & protects fatigued skin, 
      enhances elasticity & durability, & reduces fine lines
    - glo Super Serum - firms, tightens, renews, repairs & strengthens skin, 
      causing a more youthful & healthy appearance
    - gloRetinol CS - minimizes fine lines, pore size & texture irregularities,
      creating a glowing fresh appearance
    - gloRenew Serum - stimulates a mild exfoliation & cell renewal, smoothing  
      skin & improving texture & tone while controlling oil production
    - gloLightening Serum - battles discolorations with a combination of
      lighteners, melanin inhibitors & mild exfoliants
    - gloBrightening Serum - contends with hyperpigmentation, treats the origin 
      of the problem, creating a refreshed & glowing complexion
    - gloRemedy Gel - relieves skin irritation, calming, soothing & healing the
      skin while reducing redness
    - gloPure Hydration - boosts hydration, providing a protective moisture
      reservoir that reduces dehydration & balances the moisture content